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Hey everyone! my name is Jonathan Ulloa and I want to share my story, my experience at MR. Burritos, which has been a journey of growth and success for me. From the moment I decided to join this company, I knew I was stepping into something great.
What led me to join MR Burritos? Well, I've always been someone who seeks personal and professional growth, and this company is one of the few that truly supports its employees in that journey. I was drawn to the opportunity to dive into the world of Mexican food and culture, I didn't
hesitate to take the opportunity.
The first days weren't easy, especially with transportation issues. But that's where Mr. Rodriguez came in, always ready to support me. I remember how he helped me to 
get my first car when I didn't have money and not even know how to drive. His steady support allowed me to learn and move with confidence.
As for the skills and knowledge I've gained here, I'd say they're . Learning to deal with the staff, maintaining consistency while respecting the rules, being disciplined, and responsible all the times these are just some of the most important lessons I've learned.
If I had to give advice to other employees considering joining this company, I'd tell them it's a great place to learn and grow, especially for those who are responsible and open to new ideas.
My experience here has been unique. As an employee, I faced ups and downs, but each moment taught me something new. As a manager, every day is a new challenge, but I've always had the company's support. And now, as a future franchise operator, I'm excited for this upcoming stage, full of goals and opportunities to grow.
The most rewarding moment? Well, every day has something special, whether it's seeing the customers happy enjoying the flavors of our food. And seeing how the company keeps growing, that's truly satisfying.
What sets MR. Burritos apart in the Mexican food industry
 are some key fundamentals: fresh and natural products, quick and good service, and always clean restaurants. But also, MR. Burritos is defined as a simple, practical, and functional company which keep us always at the top.
My plans for the future of the franchise are simple: to grow and make the business profitable and functional keeping our delicious flavors. And on this journey, the company's value, supporting employees, and freedom of ideas will be my greatest allies.
In summary, I want to motivate everyone, especially the young ones, to work hard and pursue their goals with discipline and responsibility. The opportunities are out there, you just have to be discipline, consistent, and patient to believe in your dreams. And MR. Burritos, without a doubt is a place where those opportunities come true.

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